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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Trash the dress

Trash the dress? We have all seen recent photos of brides having their pictures taken in water, dirt, subways, construction sites, abandoned buildings, paint, and even set on fire. By the end of the photo shoot the wedding dresses could be soiled or completely destroyed.

So what do you think about this style of photography? Personally, I made my own wedding dress. I remember picking out the fabrics and spending hours hand sewing on the lace beading. Every once in a while, I take it out the closet and just walk around in it amazed at the fact that it still fits after all these years. Okay, I confess I can only zip it halfway up now. But that still counts as fitting! Right? So I don't think that I could have trashed my dress. But that was then...

...this is now. I must admit, the pictures are amazing! They are edgy and creative. It takes a courageous bride to painstakingly pick out her dress, go to fittings, exchange vows in the dress, and then trash it. So I lift my glass to courageous brides! I hope there are many more of you.

Photos courtesy of: photosbyzsanette of Atlanta. Call (678) 328-8439.

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Photos by ZsaNette said...

Thanks...and I read your article...some good points and some not so good!

Yes some ladies do go through the pain and agony of picking out a dress for that special day...go to all their fittings and wear it on that big day. But please keep in mind that you can go on eBay and buy a brand new wedding dress for $25 if you really want to do the shoot! And a lot of the time...they are JUST models!

But with that said, you don't have to wear your actual dress if its so special to you! This particular bride, that you used in your shoot, wore her actual dress but the damage she caused to it wasn't beyond washing...the other lady, not shown in the above photos, was divorced from the man she wore her dress with and truly wanted to destroy it!

So folks have different motives why they want to do the shoots...just want to make sure that people have a balance of the pros and cons of doing the shoot! Plus the bride/model gets between 3-5 photos from every that makes for one hell of a portfolio is she's just getting started!