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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gown Preservation

This is the second part of caring for your wedding gown after your perfect day. (See November cleaning your wedding gown post). There are three options when it comes to wedding gown preservation. They are sealing, boxing, and bagging. In the sealing method, your gown is actually sealed into an acid-free box. This is said to protect it from oxygen, but it has the risk of permanent creases to the gown and mildew. If your gown is sealed into a box, it makes it impossible to take it out and admire it.
In the boxed method, the gown is folded in an acid free box. It is not sealed so you can take if out and admire it and the fabric can breathe. Your gown has less risk of permanent creasing, but you must make sure the box is acid free and not just acid coated.
Another option is bagging your gown. This is not your typical dry cleaner bag. It is similar to the method that museums use to maintain the condition of costumes. The gown will be protected from dust and light and will be easier to admire. You must make sure you use a reinforced hanger and twill tape for support to protect it from long term hanging.
Whatever method or company you choose to preserve your gown, make sure that you ask questions so that you understand the process. This is your gown from one of the most important days of your life so you want to preserve this memory.

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