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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bride Wars

This Friday the new movie Bride Wars is being released. It stars Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway as two newly engaged best friends. The problems begin because of a feud over their perfect venue on the same date.
This leads me to remind brides-to-be about the importance of starting your wedding planning early with a wedding planner. Selecting a date and the best venue for you are some of the first decisions that you will make. So you have to choose wisely. While a venue making a clerical error in a movie might be hilarious, in real life it wouldn't be so funny. Hiring a professional wedding planner to help you negotiate and make very important choices is the best decision you can make for your wedding.
Candice Bergen plays "the queen of all wedding planners" in this movie. We will just have to go see the movie to find out if she lives up to her reputation or not.

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