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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Proposal

Let's face it. Every woman dreams of how the love of her life will propose to her. We want it to be a surprise, also romantic, and very sincere. But life doesn't always give us what we want.
There is a new movie called The Proposal staring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. The movie is being released in theaters June 19Th. It is a comedy about a pushy executive that bribes her assistant to marry her so that she will not lose her job and be deported back to Canada. Her assistant, played by Ryan Reynolds agrees to play along under a few conditions. The couple head off to spend time with his family. One crazy situation after another and the two begin to look at each other a little differently.
The situation in the movie The Proposal is not the typical way that most people become engage. So how did your mate propose to you?

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