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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Congratulations Zoe and Tino

My team and I traveled to Athens, Georgia for this one, but it was so worth it! It is official. Zoe and Tino are now husband and wife. As usual, I was the first person to greet our couple, congratulate them, and welcome them into the world of holy matrimony.

It was a special ceremony complete with the bride's father giving her away and officiating the ceremony. Not to mention the church was full of guests that absolutely loved the choir's selections.

We rushed them off from the church to their reception so that they could enjoy their first meal as husband and wife in a private room. Before it was time to make their BIG entrance.

I must admit having your wedding reception at an art museum is a wonderful and creative idea. Guests were able to walk around and enjoy the exhibits, sit down and eat dinner while watching a slide show of the newlyweds, enjoy the candy buffet we set up in the lounge area, and order drinks from the bar.

So down the grand staircase they went where they were greeted by African musicians and dancers. We all had a great time watching them dance their first dance. Then it was time for everyone else to join it.

Congratulations Zoe and Tino! You make a lovely couple and you have a great group of family and friends. Who could ask for anything more?

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