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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Double Wedding Ceremony

What do 2 brides + 2 grooms =? Double the love of course! We had to share with you the double wedding ceremony of Cedar Wang to Howard Yu and Cindy Liu to Zhack Zhao. The two couples are very good friends who decided to share in this special time in each others lives by having their weddings together. So when was the best time to do this? Valentine's Day weekend of course.

Your Champagne Wishes Events, LLC had double duty coordinating for the couples and arranging all of the lovely flowers for the wedding and reception. It was a unique and wonderful experience working with two great brides who had very different visions to blend their styles together.

It rarely snows here in Atlanta, but wouldn't you know it snowed their wedding weekend. But a little snow wasn't going to stop these four. They drove off from the church to the reception with the top down on the bright yellow convertible Jeep as planned as if it was 90 degrees outside. Gotta love it!

Hope to share professional photos soon.



Congratulations for pulling this off!

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