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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Southern Wedding "Wish List"

When I think about wedding in the south, I think about the charm of an outdoor garden, winery, or farm wedding.

The ladies are using hand fans or under the shade of parasols to get a little relief from the sun. The ceremony and reception sites are full of beautiful flowers such as magnolias and hydrangeas.

You are sure to see a mason jar either as part of the decor or as a glass for some sweet tea or lemonade. Guest enjoy a big dose of southern hospitality as they eat comfort food or listen to great music.

What southern wedding would be complete without a groom's cake?

All of these things and so much more....are why I love southern weddings! Are any of these things on your "wish list"?

winery photo
parasol photo
mason jar photo
groom's cake photo

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