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Monday, August 18, 2008

Why hire a wedding coordinator?

Congratulations on your engagement! You may be thinking, why do I need to hire a wedding coordinator? The average cost of weddings in the United States is around $28,000. Do you really want to put that investment in the hands of a friend or relative who has volunteered to "help out" vs. a trained professional who coordinates weddings and events for a living? Wedding coordinators can save their clients an overall savings of between 10-25%. They can assist you in maintaining a realistic budget.
Did you know that many brides spend 250 hours planning their wedding? Sounds like another full time job added to your already busy schedule. So what is your time worth to you? Wedding coordinators can save you valuable time and effort by referring you to vendors that fit your needs.
On your wedding day, would you like to sit back, relax, and get pampered by professionals doing your hair and makeup? At the ceremony and reception would you like to truly enjoy your event with your new husband and guests? That is the idea situation. If you don't have a trained and experienced coordinator working for you, your day could be spent stressed out. You could be running around checking up on vendors, setting up, managing event activities, answering countless questions, while handling last minute details and emergencies. Wedding coordinators can keep your stress level to a minimum by handling the details and coordinating a flawless event for you!

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Valencia Sims, Project Manager said...

Very informative article. I never thought about how much time and effort actually goes into coordinating a wedding. It is well worth the money to hire out.